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Hi there! Since childhood creativity has come natural to me. It started as piano lessons, moved to guitar, live sound for bands, photography, and then video. Just don’t give me a pair of scissors…I can’t cut a straight line to safe my life.

Outside of being creative one of my other defining traits is being a dreamer. While I often struggle with the balance of taking it too far and doing too much dreaming and not enough work, I find that it’s also my superpower. Whether it’s coming up with a series of shots for a video, creating a vision of the future for my family, or just being plain optimistic about what’s next, I can visualize it.

When I’m not dreaming, shooting, or planning, I enjoy reading a good book , watching a sci-fi movie, and sipping a delicious cup of coffee. Lots of cream and sugar.

My passion is to come along side business owners, entrepreneurs, and hustlers, who are hungry to win and create content that gets them noticed and ads that boosts the impact they have on the world. There is no greater joy that to make someones dreams come true.

Based in Phoenix , AZ


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