SEO For Your Website | Header Tags

SEO For Your Website | Header Tags

Header tags not only help readers follow along with your main points but help Google understand what your blog posts, articles, and web pages are about. Don’t overlook them! Learn how in this blog post.

SEO For Your Website | An Overview

SEO For Your Website | An Overview

Why SEO MattersYour Website Is A Full-Time SalespersonYou are not awake and working 24/7. No employee your hire will be. I’m sure even if you could work 24/7 you would want a vacation at some point. How then do you make sales happen (or get closer to a sale) when your off, sleeping, of...

Personal Branding & Marketing | Phil Pallen

Listen in on this weeks podcast as Phil Pallen take us through his journey of speaking at conferences to digital conferences. He tells us the right and wrong ways to market and the way YOU can get the most out of a social media platform. Phil and Steven share interesting stories from marketing disasters to using Instagram Reels. You won’t want to miss this awesome episode!

What Social Media Platforms should you be using?

So when we're talking about doing digital marketing, a lot of times we think social media and we've talked about a couple things like having the right audience on the social media platform you're using, you know, right demographics, all those things, but I think there's an X factor that we haven't...


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