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Why header tags matter

Header tags are titles and subtitles that appear throughout your webs pages and blog posts. They serve as a natural divide between sections of an expanded topic.

For example if were talking about content marketing we can have a section with a subtitle about “video content marketing” and another about “photo content marketing”.

While some that naturally gravitate toward proper grammar/layout/etc may accidently (or purposely) chose the right header tags others like myself who started out just making sure my subtitles (headers) were large and bold missed out on one important fact…


Lets be honest, it really only matters to Google lol But that’s who were trying to make happy right? A person isn’t going to leave your web page because you use a H1 tag instead of a H2 tag. Below is an example of the difference based on another blog post we wrote that you can check out here…

The part that says “Why SEO Matters” is an H1 tag (the largest). THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE PER PAGE. Just didn’t want you to miss that…

The second one is an H2 tag. There can be as many as needed on a web page. Following that there is H3 as well. So just to make sure..

  1. One H1 tag per page

  2. At least one H2 tag but can have more

  3. H3 tag if the copy warrants it.

And there you have it…a brief overview of Header tags, how to use them, and why!

Thanks for reading and be sure to share if you found helpful 🙂 Comment below with any other questions you might have.

Thanks for reading!