So when we’re talking about doing digital marketing, a lot of times we think social media and we’ve talked about a couple things like having the right audience on the social media platform you’re using, you know, right demographics, all those things, but I think there’s an X factor that we haven’t considered yet. And that is being on a social media platform that fits the personality of your brand.

Using Twitter.jpg

So for us, that platform is Twitter. Now, the funny thing is, is I was really digging my heels in on using Twitter, I did not want to it was kind of an older platform, and I didn’t really know if it was for us, but when I was on there, it just felt natural. I was able to have great conversations with people be able to get more contacts, and the reality is just fit with my business better. So my challenge to you is do you understand the personality of your brand and what kind of social media platforms fit best with it?