Your Branding Decisions Aren’t A Checklist Item, Their Legacy Builders


I’m about to kick off a client meeting and I’m checking my watch cuz the clients a couple minutes late.  I try not to get frustrated but I have a lot to do.

The client comes rushing in looking stressed and is half jogging over to me. We both feel the pressure of respecting each other’s time also knowing that we’re incredibly busy. 

I’m sure you have felt this way and have shown up to your own fair share of meetings late. After all there are a lot of demands on your time and sometimes things bleed over. 

This is not a message about time management this is a message about the importance of hitting the pause button on “doing” the business so you can switch to getting the 10,000 ft view so you can work “on” the business. 

One of my strengths is building the architecture of a business connecting all the parts of strategy and marketing and branding together and that’s something you can only do well when it is given an adequate amount of time. 

When you try to hurry through it to just “get it done” you often don’t give yourself the opportunity to deeply internalize and process how this fits into the heartbeat of the company and how that heartbeat is communicated and distributed to the people that find it the most valuable. 


Brands that have an absurd amount of consistency like Rolls-Royce and Louis Vuitton and Budweiser are brands who are not confused about what they stand for, what they do for their clients, and who their clients are. But without that clarity your business will lack the ability to have that kind of legacy 10 years from now. 

So when you go to make your logo, when you go to build your website, when you go to build out your products, when you go to make a video and push that video with ads these aren’t just check marks on a to-do list. These are legacy building, brand building, loyalty producing decisions that are worth taking the time to process. 

If this is your first round thinking through these things or your marketing director and you’re trying to figure out how to inject some fresh blood into what’s being done feel free to reach out to me through DM so I can help.