People have been talking about the value of Tik Tok for quite some time now so we decided to jump on and check it out for ourselves. Here’s what we discovered…

  1. There is a whole lot more people than just rachet 16 year old girls dancing on TikTok. Businesses are actively building audiences and telling stories about their company.

  2. You can have a link back to Instagram, Youtube, and URL (on certain profiles-it’s still getting rolled out in BETA). This is important for converting your TikTok traffic into $$

  3. It’s likely the easiest social media platform to quickly grow a following…assuming you post enough.

Now I’ve been preaching quality of quantity but this is one exception I’ll have to own. With emerging platforms quality STILL MATTERS. A post that is interesting, engaging, and gets people to stop scrolling is still critical. However when algorithms are looking to help people gain traction rather than heavily restrict you have to feed the beast with enough to work with. This mean posting 2-3 a day EVERY day. 

I have to admit that volume is difficult even with the volume of content we have from my personal brand videos on MOMENTUM, our Death To Vanilla podcast and other micro content we make. The reality is emerging platforms have two closing doors that eventually kill the ”easy“ opportunity you have now. This graphic will help…


I know there is a lot of speculation on whether Tik Tok is helpful for the top-line revenue of your business. I am absolutely sure that there are literally thousands of businesses where Tik Tok will be a waste of time. However, for most people, the resistance to getting on TikTok usually stems from 3 things:

  1. They don’t know what their brand story is

  2. They don’t know how to practically tell their stories on TikTok

  3. They don‘t know how to convert the attention into cash

Over the next few weeks we’ll be exploring these topics so that together we can leverage his emerging platform for our success!