Hey, everybody, and welcome to the Death to Vanilla podcast. I’m your host, Steven Burkhart with Burkhart Creative Agency and I’m just so excited that you’re reading.

If you guys have listened before, you probably have listened to the digital hustle show. And to be honest, we’re rebranding, we’re changing things up a little bit, because well, it’s 2021. And we learned a lot in 2020. We’re excited to share the things that we learned with you.

First things first we were targeting small business owners. And while some of the businesses that we reach out to may be small business owners, we’re realizing that a lot of our target market is actually just other marketers, marketing directors, and marketing managers that are trying to put together awesome teams to make content for their businesses that they work for.

We’re excited to make that kind of content for you to be able to help you see where we’re coming from as far as our vision for marketing as well as be able to explain to you a little bit about what we do and where we see marketing headed especially in relationship with video which is what our specialty is.

So I’m excited to have you on board. Some of the subjects we’re going to be talking about is:

  1. How video fits into the overall plan for your business,

  2. Some do’s and don’ts of marketing

  3. Our vision of how innovation and video fits in with your business

There’s a wide variety of people out there that have been doing marketing for a short period of time, who’ve been doing it for a long period of time, and businesses whose boards and leadership very much embrace the idea of innovation and doing new things. There are those who are very much in the trenches have been doing it long time and don’t really see the value in taking the risk and taking the time to learn something new and I think you’re going to find out that we’ve got a little bit of room for everyone on here. I think that no matter where you come from, no matter what you typically been used to for marketing we’ll have something for you.

We’re going to challenge you. For the people who are fresh into marketing and are trying everything we can challenge you to make sure that you really have some great processes in place so that you know how to measure the results of these new things that you’re doing.

For those of you who have been in the trenches for a long time, we’re gonna challenge you and push you to try new things. Because we believe that quite honestly, there’s a lot of opportunity, and some really, really, great, reasonable, logical reasons as to why and we’d like to have the opportunity to prove that to you.

Now, it’s not just gonna be me talking the whole time, as I’m sure smooth and sultry imy voice may be to you, I don’t like to hear myself talk all the time. And I’m an introvert, I’m a ennagram five. And I’m more of a researcher and a planner and a designer than I am someone who just enjoys talking all the time. So we’re gonna have guests on, we’re gonna have people who have other experience in marketing industry, whether it’s video, photo, copy, graphics, direct ads, and stuff like that. Things that will be really, really helpful for you. That’ll give you an opportunity to be able to have different perspectives so that way we can work through some of those challenges.

Like we were talking before innovation can be scary and it can be uncertain. Some of the people that we interview are going to be working through some of those things. So with a podcast name, like Death To Vanilla surely there’s going to be something a little bit different and crazy going on here and I really hope I deliver on that.

Why do we have that kind of crazy name?

Well, picture this with me. So we have the situation where the barrier to entry to creating has dropped. Right? The idea is that the middle ground of what used to be acceptable content, what was passable content that people would still watch just because it was there is shrinking. It’s almost like the middle class shrinking. Right? And so we have this problem where now it’s either crap or it’s good. And it’s the noise level is absurdly high. There are absurd amount of people creating content. So for you to go and make vanilla, half ass content is just not gonna make it anymore.

So we want to be able to have a podcast that really teaches you how to be bold, how to be bold with tact, and with class, right? But also fully embracing being bold. For example a motorcycle brand, like say, Indian motorcycles, is gonna have a bold message, but it’s still going to have polish and still have class. They could easily make vanilla content that doesn’t make them stand out anymore.

So to pull it all back we just have this idea that the Death To Vanilla podcast is going to be for marketing directors who are really looking for someone with a voice and a perspective on where things are headed, a framework of how to handle those changes, and experiment with new thing. We want you to being able to boldly, courageously create content that will not get you into trouble but at the same time kind of ride that edge of saying something that is going to actually stand out, that is actually going to matter. Death to Vanilla.

So thank you guys, for so much for watching, for listening, whether you’re on a podcast or within YouTube, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could listen to this, share this. That way people can get on board with the new direction that we’re headed. If you can go on Apple iTunes and give it a review, an honest review that would be so helpful because just like anything else, there’s like 6 million podcasts and for you to be able to go and get review would just be incredibly helpful to be able to rise above the noise of the vast number of podcasts. So if you could go like, subscribe, share, write reviews, I would be so grateful.

We already have a fat lineup of people who are doing interviews and I think you are gonna love them. They are high achievers, they’re doing great things, are being bold and doing cool marketing things and so you’re really gonna enjoy it. So thank you so much for watching!