This week we are going over posing techniques we have learned over the years to make sure you look as powerful and as flattering as you want to for either your own headshots and/or for more influences style photos.

Jacob shows you a bit about how to move around and where to look when your posing and Rylynn talks about different shapes to make with your body for a flattering look! I finish up by dropping a couple tips of my own…but you’ll have to watch the video to get those!

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Well, everybody, welcome to another episode of the crude digital hustle podcast. And we are actually going to shake it up a little bit today and show you how you can pose, right? So you can post so that you look really cool in your pictures. And then that way when you’re posting your stuff on social media, you can represent yourself well and look real good doing it. So let’s go outside and check it out.

Little defuse action never hurt anyone. So first things we’re going to do is whenever you’re posing, you want to make sure that you’re not right up against where you’re shooting, so back up against the wall.

So this is pretty cool. It lacks depth. So go ahead and step forward a little bit.

Awesome. So now, right not only do we have a

Little bit of distance between him in the background. But we’re against a wall. And we can kind of see a little bit that the wall goes away from him as it goes this way, right? And so adds a bunch more depth. So thankfully, Jacob is already very handsome so we can basically do nothing, you know, look fine. But let’s go ahead and have you stand straight on us. So look, square your shoulders to me. Right, so this looks pretty good. It’s nice and confident.

And certainly, since he’s in good shape, we’re pretty good. As far as not having to move around too much.

Now one thing, Jacob, I want you to show me a double chin.

Oh, there we go. Right. So go ahead and bring your chin back out. You get lower and it’ll definitely be there. Right. So now look down at me, Jake.

Right, double chin right. So now we can tell that no matter how attractive you are, no matter how skinny you are, you will get a double chin with the wrong posing.

So go ahead and Jacob. So you’re going to stay in there, I want you to bring your chin forward a little bit towards me. So bring your chin forward a little bit, and then angle your head down just a little bit. Perfect. So now what Jacobs done is he’s brought his chin forward, that stretches out the skin underneath his neck, right? But just like he did, what most people naturally do is they end up actually tilting their head up a little bit when they push their chin forward. So then you just compensate for bringing it down a little bit so that way you’re not looking down at the camera. So that’s, that’s point number one. Any other. Any other great tips for us, Jacob for guys, you know, if you’re trying to go for a manly pose, you drop you drop the front shoulder, and that’s just a little more like, it opens up the space so we you can see my body and I can just have a more secure posture.

But if you’re going for like, say more delicate touch, you can raise that left shoulder and it works for

to, you know, if they’re trying to get like in their fields or you’re trying to get a more dramatic portrait

or just a cute portrait, or if you want her to have more of a power stance, she can have that you know, and then you lower the camera angle A little bit, angle, and body posture. But then I also try to get the picture as much as I can. So the more I can get them to lean on their back leg, put their, their front foot out, you know, the more you can get some of those power poses and it just, it draws people towards the camera, but the less I can make it 2d looking, the better. You know, because I’m flat against the wall, you can draw and it doesn’t look like there’s any other shapes in the picture. But then when you’re going like sideways and you have things sticking out mutex protecting my watch, whatever it is, you can see there’s different elements in different space in the phone.

So the other thing to remember is whatever is called now we’re on a wide angle lens, so it’s overemphasizing things, but whatever gets closer to the camera is what gets emphasized, right? So, for example, if we were to come up here and I would shoot a little bit higher, right, and bring your head down a little bit, but look up, not like creepy, though, at the camera, but just a little bit, right, so now what we’re doing is because her eyes are closer to the camera, it’s actually going to emphasize those more, right, as opposed to it if you like, came down here. Be more like chin, lips nose kind of thing, right? Because those are closer to the camera. So when you’re posing, you can always shake it up a little bit so that way, like if you got pretty eyes, well, you kind of want to show those off a little bit, you know?

So okay, so then so for girls, having having them straight on like this

is cool, nothing wrong with that, but certainly like Jake was doing turn to the side a little bit, right, you get a little bit more form factor. Now go ahead and put your left hand in your back pocket.

Awesome, right? So this is perfect. So you can see that we’re adding a little bit of spacing right here.

Right? So that way it gives like a nice good like flattering look, because we can kind of see like, like a little bit of shape there, right?

And so that way it’s going to actually fit especially if someone’s like a little bit on the heavier side, it’s going to add a little bit of shape to their body. Whereas Put your hand straight down.

Yep, see, at that point, we lose that visual difference between like the arm and the environment around.

Yeah, so don’t over don’t over think it. You know, if you’re just doing like a simple rock back and forth, looking. Check out your watch like in your cameras just taking photos.

A tire time, you can do whatever you want, you know, just move around a little bit, give your camera time to take a photo and figure out like what looks good because then you can always tweak that to, you know, say that pose was really close, but it wasn’t quite there yet. You can move a leg, do all the things at once, you can look away, forget about it for a second, take a phone call, you know, it doesn’t have to be posed, but it is at the same time just because you’re here, you’re there and you’re getting the photos of yourself. So, on tik tok, I saw that triangles make you look really skinny and make you look they’re very flattering. So everything you do try and like get a triangle in a triangle. And then like maybe you’re like, if he was just doing my shoe standing here, you know, triangle and another triangle and another triangle. Like all these triangles make you look just more flattering.

Also, if you’re trying to figure it out, like say you’re not used to getting photos of yourself, but there’s this one

Who was saying there’s the think of nine boxes, there’s dead straight, there’s to the right, there’s that there’s metal, bla, bla, you just do all the boxes, taking a photo on each one where you look at the imaginary boxes, but that’ll show you the angles that you do like when you say most people normally like wear their hair parts. So mine would be looking to the right. And it’s just a quick way to figure out like, what you actually liked about certain photos and why you like them more. So a couple of final thoughts. As far as the actual shooting goes, if especially if you’re doing it by yourself, is beauty just have a little bit of variety of the images you take. So Jacob had a really good idea that he had showed earlier about doing the different the angles of the square, we had to look different places. But certainly just having a variety of shots of doing like far away and a medium and a close is super, super helpful. You can certainly crop in a wider picture but it just never looks quite the same. So then and the other thing too, is to consider doing mixing up angles a little bit. So doing a one up a little high. One day

A little bit lower, and like a nice power stance, right? You don’t have to look angry when you do it but basically just gives you chances to have a little bit of variety of shots. This is super helpful, you know, just even like to doing like vertical versus horizontal. Because I find

because I find that like, the horizontals are perfect for doing like quotes because you can like have you like one corner of the frame and having the quotes right so being able to like especially doing a super wide ones like we did a couple of wide shots that I’ve shown video.

Arizona Science Center was like super wide so I was able to actually do text above me doing one of those vertical shots, because it was just like a nice wide shot. It’s do a lot of different stuff with so you can always do like a little like, Introduction to me that people do on like, what’s the day where they do the introduction as a nerd

On Tuesdays or something,

it doesn’t really matter. When people do little introductions you know, they have like their cute little like cat shop. And then other days you can kind of have something a little more casual. So just an idea to be able to shake up. If you go out and you know, take a little trip to cool Park and do a little photo shoot of yourself or social media presence is a great way to have just a ton of writing your shots so it doesn’t look like everything on your page was shot on the same day. So, signing off now, thank you guys so much for watching. Hopefully this helps you take a little bit better pictures for your social media presence.