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Hey, everybody, welcome to another episode of the crew version of the digital hustle show. And so on this episode, we’re going to talk a little bit about style, whether it’s like the designing and your branding, or the kind of work that you’re creating. And so we’re going to talk a little bit about ours and why we chose we chose and also kind of help you through seeing other brands and understanding how, or at least guessing, hopefully well on why it is they chose what they chose and how you can do the same thing for your business. And so yeah, so we do a little more edgy stuff. So that informs our creativity a lot. We are creators visually and so it makes you know what we choose is is fairly important. And so you know, how we like how we shoot, what kind of colors we use on our video. What kind of angles that we’re doing music choice all that plays into our style. And for you, it may be something like, what kind of coloring your logo is or kind of shirts you do or what kind of layout you have in your store can all inform a certain style so so yeah, so I think you know, Rylynn if you want to kind of start explaining a little bit how we went about defining our style and how that kind of affects who we work with what we make.

Yeah, so I think that when we defined our style, we definitely went in with more of the edgy pattern or a pattern like way and then we definitely use Pinterest a lot for that. And Pinterest is your best friend when you’re trying to get your style because there is literally everything on Pinterest from room ideas to home decor. It’s like anything you can think of. Yeah, for literally anything. So go on Pinterest. If you’re struggling For sure, just to get that starting kind of way, I guess. And then I think that having a style is also really important for us. Because it helps us with who we’re going to work with, because anybody can do anything. But when you have a specific style and how the specific way you do things, people are going to be drawn to you who also have that style. And they can see like, oh, like you do this, this is what I do as well. Let’s do this together, like let’s work and do this. So I think that that’s kind of how we went with our style a little bit.

can help you find your people?

Yeah, exactly. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

We’re all think of it

I was listening to like a YouTube video the other day, the guy was explaining I forget who it was. I’m sure somebody knows but he was explaining you know, this difference between a logo and your brand and you know, say Hilton Hotels, if you swap their logos with another hotel, you wouldn’t know because all the rooms look about the same. And everything’s, you know, if you’re paying $50 a night, it’s gonna look the exact same anywhere you go. But if you swap Apple’s logo with someone else stay at Starbucks, you’re not gonna, you’re gonna know exactly which one you’re in no matter what, because you’re expecting a certain type of experience and a certain type of quality. And that’s, that’s a brand versus a logo. And so it’s pretty cool though because like you get to choose what your brand is going to be, you get to choose what your logo is going to be on top of that. And that’s what’s going to identify you on small things like a coffee cup, and then people are going to associate that with that brand does a great job with hats that brand does a great job make trifle welcome when I come in, you know, but it gives you an idea of how you can shoot too, because then you know what features and what things you’re looking for, you know, so if you’re gonna become this type of brand, you’re gonna shoot for that type of brand. And then the more you get yourself out there as a, you know, customer base service and you know, hundred percent quality First, the more other people We’re gonna recognize that and you’ll find people that want that as well. And I just hope to grow quicker when people know who you are. Yeah,

yeah. Yeah, I said I think there’s definitely

like the experience of your brand.

But the visuals play into that as well you know and certainly like no matter how cool your brand looks like if Apple looked as cool as it is now, but like every time we walked in the store that made you feel stupid for not knowing like how to use like some random program, very different experience and people would have a very different feeling walking into the store. But on the visual side too, it’s just like like with Apple like the store super clean, super organized, super put together. Like even just like because they were like one of the first ones I think that you could just like pay using an iPad. So like even like the checkout process was like super slick, super like dialed in. And it creates like a totally different experience like all the clean gray, like Chrome colors and something like that, just like Oh, very clean and organized. Yeah, yeah, yeah, which is kind of like at least the time, I don’t feel like they’re that way anymore. But like they’re very like ahead of their time, which made a lot of sense to kind of look like a weird little cool glass space station thing.

And then they also do a great job choosing their locations, especially when you’re in places like New York or something, where the building itself is just an art piece. But I think it’s cool that you can also take that to like a smaller scale and just think about your business and be like, what can I do that’s gonna make this stand out and make it feel like Oh, that’s cool. That’s an apple statement. But in your, you know, furniture building business, or whatever it happens to be, you know, you you have the opportunity to turn it into whatever you want. It just takes that little extra grease work, you know.

So I guess really, the decision you’re kind of making is one, especially if you’re a small business owner, usually emotionally connected to what you’re doing quite a bit which can kind of skew your decision making it a little bit. But because realistically, like it comes down to things like we wanted, we knew what we wanted to make. And then we also knew who would probably want that. And we were okay with both of those things. And so sometimes you know, someone makes like some, you know, boujee product but they don’t like Scottsdale people or something like that well like them then you you’ve got a problem. Because like someone who shops at Walmart is not gonna drive down to Old Town Scottsdale and buy your like Gucci handbag, right? And so you’ve made a product that was attracting someone that you don’t necessarily want to work with. And the other way around, let’s just say you want to work with high end people, but then you like, kind of have a more like down to earth feel. There’s going to be disconnect, and so you got to realize what you’re making is going to attract a certain person and you have to decide, do I want to make this really bad and I don’t care. Who is attracted to it? Or who do I want to work with really bad and what are they wanting, which is usually the better way to go about it. But we’re visual creators. And so we’re like, we want to make content that looks really dope. And so that’s not going to appeal to like a hair salon potentially. I mean, it could, depending on which one Yeah. But at the same time, like you mentioned, that kind of like informs who you want to work with. And literally, like, anyone can go buy this drone right now. I mean, that doesn’t mean they’re gonna use it well, but like, literally anyone can do like aerial shots if they really wanted to. And so at that point, it’s like, okay, part of why you’d work with us instead of someone else or someone else instead of us is because you know, that that company is it gets you and understands you is going to actually create work that speaks to your business and your audience. And so, we wanted to get good at something. We felt comfortable talking to people like we have experience Were working in like skate ministries and stuff like that, where it’s like, we know what those kids like and what they don’t like, and what gets them excited and what they think is cool. And because of that, we know what to make for them.

Yeah, you know, it really comes down to like how well you self evaluate your business. Also, how will you evaluate where you want to go with it? You know, if you know who your clients are, you know who you are, then it just makes it a lot easier for you to make a decision and just get a plan going. But if that’s the hardest thing to do, is to move forward if you don’t know where you’d want to go, you know, because then you’re trying to work on this, and then you get sidetracked by that. And it takes, I mean, some people never get out of that cycle. And then, you know, for until they’re 70 they have a business that’s just running Okay, you know, and then they try to pass that on, but the kids don’t want to say See how hard they work, you know? Yeah, I have friends that are like that. And it’s like, you make an awesome product, but you’re not trying to catch up to sell it to anyone. You know, we’re offering free services, but you’re a little too worried about just advertising. You know, like, it’s kind of an odd cycle because you want the money, you want the work, but you don’t want to put out the work. Or you’re just there’s that mental block. That is they’re capping yourself for no reason. Yeah, you know, so definitely just be real with yourself evaluations, find people that are closest to you and tell them like, hey, what can I do differently? And what do you think are my strengths and then make that business the best it can be? You know? Absolutely.

Yeah. Cuz I mean, like, realistically, like, at some point, you’re gonna have to say no, to some things that might be uncomfortable to say no to some clients that it might be uncomfortable to say no to because at the end of the day, if you don’t have a product that stands for something, it’s really hard to make people happy. Because if it’s just kind of vanilla, then like, you’re gonna have just like semi happy customers, and that’s like, there’s no way to build an empire. All I could think of the whole time you’re talking about capsules busting a cap

Downtown Peoria, middle class line coming out. So anyways,

the hard streets, West Phoenix.

Right? I’ve got to throw the Westside sign

the Walmart. So

well, thank you guys so much for listening. Hopefully that helps you as you’re trying to figure out your business, whether you’re just starting it or whether like Jacob talked about, you’re kind of in the middle trying to figure out what’s happening. And just don’t be afraid to step out do something bold, do something crazy. It doesn’t mean have to be bold that it’s edgy. It can be bold, that it’s feminine. It can be bold, that it’s organic. It could be bold, that it’s warm or clinical like apple. Whatever it is, you choose. Just know that yes, you are saying no to some things. But you’re also going to create a product that’s actually far more interesting to the people that you’re potentially looking to attract. So, go try something new. Let us know about it added to the comments, like, subscribe, all those goodies.

Thank you for watching.