Transcription of Podcast

Hey, everybody, welcome to the crew episode of the digital hustle show. And today we’re going to talk about how we basically shoot some content and then turn it into a lot of content. And we’ve kind of detailed this a little bit before, but we kind of really wanted to, like go into especially now that we’ve done a content calendar, what does it look like to take something and then turn it into a lot of stuff. And as a small business owner, obviously, like, you can’t always devote a ton of time shooting. And so whatever you do shoot should be maximized to the most efficient use of your time, which is basically just creating more things. You can’t post a bunch that a bunch of content so that’s a challenge for a lot of people certainly is a challenge for us as much as anyone else. You know, we got a lot going on. And so we’re trying to make content that helps people and part of that is just maximizing what we’ve already shot and so You know, Jake, if you could go ahead and just kind of start out and just share like a little bit about like how, like, tell us a little bit like what we start with, like, what are we actually shooting and returning into other things?

Absolutely. Well, there’s two types of content that you get, you know, you can either do videos, or you can do photos. And if you don’t do the photos, you still can get photos, which is the best buy, you know, but since you already have to go through, let’s say a video, and you got to cut out the things that you don’t like and etc, you also get to see all the parts that you really do like, and so you take the best little snippets of each video just while you’re going through it. So you don’t have to go back later. And once you have that little collection of say, like five images, then you have a whole the whole branding tag practically, you know, you can either use that image by itself as just a little poster board and then you have it the text in the box below it. Or you can use how Steve does it where you can put a you know, text on the image and you can put, you know, let’s say a flyer for sale that you’re doing, or the next video that’s about to come out. But it’s pretty nice. Like, you can use both of them so easily. And since it’s just up to you on how creative you want to get with it, you know, if you want to add all this good fancy graphic design, or you can keep it really simple and just keep it clean and neat. Doesn’t matter, but as long as you can use that picture or video in more than one way, then you’re already getting more bang for your buck, you know? Totally.

Yeah. So like,

like so we’ll shoot like the guest episode digital hustle show, which kind of like the normal episode so to speak. And with that we’re able to pull out we originally pulled out stills that we used for the thumbnails, which we obviously change that but certainly, that was a great start to having content. So anyway, so that’s so that’s what we take and turn into more stuff. Now obviously, if you don’t do a video podcast, there are some other options too, but

Rylynn you’ve actually

have been super helpful and something that we’ve also been doing while we’re doing shoots, which is the behind the scenes stuff. So talk a little bit about, like, how we use other means, besides just the behind the scenes stuff to maximize our time on a set.

Yeah. So basically what I do when we go on a set is I’ll just have like a camera, and I’ll be taking like a bunch of pictures. They’re just really for us. I mean, they’re not for the customers. They’re not, there’s no pressure when you take them. It’s just for you and your small business and showing kind of like, what you’ve done kind of displaying. I don’t really, I don’t know the words for it, but just kind of displaying what you have experience it for. When you’re showing customers.

Yeah, is there any what could you talk a little bit about any of the things that we do to kind of like, make more use of the content that we shoot?

Yeah, so the content we shoe, we also use the audio. So upload that for podcasts, you can just listen to and then We put out on multiple platforms, I believe, right? Oh, yeah, yeah. And then we are doing the shorter videos right now we’re taking out of the podcast. So you’re getting those and then yeah, you can really get a lot of use out of it if you just know what you can do with it. Yeah,

absolutely. Yeah, we ended up.

We went back through or islands been going back through all of our podcasts. And just like finding like those little nuggets that we pulled out. And thankfully, one thing that we’ve been doing this whole time is doing captions on the video video like embedded, so we’ve actually had to do transcriptions. And so we’re able to take those chunks of text as well and be able to use them for things now we haven’t used them as much right now. But certainly, if you’re doing blog posts or quoting someone or throwing it on an image for like a quote pic, we have what they said already written out which is super handy, assuming the transcriber got it, right. That’s all It’s fun. But that’s Yeah, so we, we, we have the video, we turn it into smaller videos turn into audio for a podcast, we turn it into pictures.

Why Jacob When you’re when in your experience?

What is the advantage to doing all of that, like outside of the obvious of making more content? Like? Do you think like other platforms will perform better than others? Or like how, like, how do you think through some of that? Well, it all really depends on how far you are in your process to you know, because if you’re just starting out, you don’t know which platform is going to be your best each. And each and every one of them have a level playing field to where you could excell on Instagram where you can excel and tik tok like it, it doesn’t really matter. But if you don’t post on it, then you won’t find out. And so being able to just have as much access to as many audiences as you can, really helps, and especially because it’s not taking that much

But if they have any of those videos saved, like I’m going back through my all my years of Snapchat videos, and now I’m trying to put together what the ones that make sense to put together make them funny and use those on Tik Tok now, right and like, it’s just all this content that you already have, and it’s you and your most natural self or your employees and if they’re saying good things about the business

Then, then you got awesome content that is already shot and basically paid for, right? But it’s just cool that you still can just manipulate it in a way that really does help you get more sales and grow your own business or grow the relationship that the customers have with you before they get to walk through the door.

Right. You know, honestly, I think what you said to about just like where the people are, as far as the platform like, because we’ve almost in some way made more traction, at least initially, with our audio podcasts, and even YouTube, which I was certainly unexpected to me. But at the same time isn’t necessarily the same group of people listening to podcasts as the ones on YouTube and certainly like, unless you just have unlimited data, high speed you can’t it’s much easier to listen to podcasts on the way to work. So you get commuters you got people who have businesses and doing all that and so definitely different you can you know, you can’t really watch YouTube videos on the way to work. I mean, you could but you could probably In an accident to like, because this is in a position to be around when people want to consume information to think. And it’s just been nice to like, even with the behind the scenes stuff, like snapping a couple pictures while you’re doing a shoot is awesome because it kind of humanizes your business a little bit, you know, like, often we’ll go on websites, and we’re doing like, little evaluation for them. And it’s like, you don’t even see a picture of the owner. And it’s like, well, who am i doing business with? I mean, like, and so to be able to have those extra behind the scenes, things of like, people really are interested to know what how you do business, how you do business really matters. People were

on a side note for that. We were just talking with it was a stoner this week that she was really not excited to be in front of her business. You know, like she’s, she barely wanted to do a zoom call with us. And I understand why but I get it but at the same time, people will still want that human interaction. They want to know who they’re dealing with. Because if you’re not

A big brand like Walmart. You know, people should know, I feel like they wish to know because like, we all want to. Yeah, we want to know who’s providing the service. Why are you providing it? Why do you even care to begin with? And those all helped me make a decision to want to come. Yeah. If I just think that you are selling a product and that’s it, you know, I come and go out no emotional attachment, and I can do that anywhere. And it doesn’t have to be with you. Yeah, there’s no customer retention, when there’s nothing special keeping people there.

All right. Well, thank you guys so much for watching. And hopefully this helps you so that way the next time you have a shoot, or you’re planning a shoot, you can take a little bit of time, you know, half day of shooting and turn it into like a month’s worth of content. So thank you guys so much for watching and go out there and shoot