Steven- What other things are you doing? So you’re doing the blog posts, which are awesome. What other kind of things are working for you as far as like marketing that you really seem like positive results from?

Jeff- So I do I do the blog posts. I also do, I’ve got a weekly, I call it my inner circle mastermind, and I’ve got some great members in there. And what I do is I also record that, and because that anyone in the mastermind group that doesn’t get to watch it, they get to watch the replay or whatever, right? And I’ll take clips from that and put them out on Instagram or Facebook or whatever. And those seem to get some good replies too, because it’s just like the blog posts. Usually the topics that we talked about in the mastermind are things that people are dealing with right now. Right and so they’re, they’re applicable to usually more than that individual.