Steven- When I was looking through what you guys wrote about marketing, I would love for you to explain all the things that you guys are doing, right. But one thing that really stood out to me that I thought was really wild is you talking about using the next door app, which is like, totally not a marketing tool at all. And yet, it totally was like your market research. It was what you’re doing, which is genius. It just goes to prove that you like you have to think outside the box when you’re growing your business, which I think is amazing. So So yeah, so go ahead and just tell me like all the things you guys are doing, that you think you know, that you guys have tried and stuff like that, and just yeah, cover them next door, because I think that’s so fascinating.

Liz- Sure, so marketing’s a little bit interesting for us because verado is we kind of call it like a fishbowl community, you know, like we’re kind of secluded a little bit, which is also a really good thing, but we’ve had to kind of figure out, what’s the best way to reach every population that’s here because it’s a wide range of people and different groups. You know, there’s a lot of young families and a lot of retired. We have a lot of snowbirds. Yeah. People retirement community. Yeah. The people that come to visit, like touristy sorts of things, you know. So to try to figure out how to reach that has been a learning process, I would say, yeah, so we use kind of every social media outlet, you know, like Instagram has been big for us, Facebook. When we first opened, we put flyers everywhere. You know, we take a break we put outside to get people on the streets coming in.

Karlie- Yeah, so when we first moved down here, we were like, We were nervous because we are moving from a different state and we didn’t know how people were gonna react to us moving down here and opening this new shop in such a tight knit community. You know, Brad was so close, and that’s what we love about it because they reminded us of growing up in a small town. Yeah. So we really wanted to be cognizant of like, how are we going to give verado exactly what they want when we come in here so we were like, we’re gonna post on next door and get any and all information we can write we really just open it up and say like, this is who we are. We’re moving down here. Super excited to open this coffee shop. What do you guys want to see on my street grotto? And we got we tried to direct it because it got a little crazy. We tried to direct like, do you want to see more breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, coffee, what kind of coffee teas like that’s what we’re thinking? What do you guys think? And of course, we had people they’re like, oh, hot dogs gin. And then it was like sushi. It’s like normal thing. So like that was a challenge because it was like, we needed a little bit more narrow down. Yeah. But it definitely like a lot. It was so dark roast coffee, right? You know, we want this and it was very specific to that.