Steven- So, I know we weren’t going to go there per se, but like, what were some of the things that you guys ended up saying that were like, the qualities that you were really like seeing and looking for and kind of attributes articulate kind of what you were sensing when you are interviewing people? 

Andrew- You know, for me personally, it comes down to are you selfless? Like, is it really bigger than you? Like, for me, that’s the only thing that matters. Everything else the storytelling and what I call the fluff in between it, I see through it, I just want to know that does it really go like beyond you? Because if it does, let’s do business. Because you’re going to be able to withstand the the valley lows, you’re gonna be able to climb the mountain tops, right. So for me, it’s as long as it’s bigger than you through that process. I understand that there’s some type of selflessness it doesn’t need to be very evident. I can just see some bit of a desire Now I can stretch your mindset. And I can really, really pull that selflessness out of you. For me. That’s that one thing I look for every single time is, is it bigger than you and I’m always very transparent when I sit down and let them know this is bigger than me. You don’t work for me. I work for you. You don’t run my race, I run your race. What race Do you want to run? How fast do you want to go? Right? So a lot of it comes down to a lot of again and I’ve understood that immediately I have to set the tempo because duplication takes place immediately.