Well, Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of the digital hustle show and we totally did not record these in a row. This is fresh and brand new. So yeah, just throwing that out there. I’m like wearing the same pink pants and every single one. So anyways, I know. So anyways I’m Steven, and if we, if each one of you guys can introduce yourselves real quick,

I’m Sam. I do a lot of video,

Jacob I do the marketing

Hi I’m Rylynn. I do the editing.

So yeah. So on this episode, we’re going to talk a little bit about current trends that we’ve seen in different social media platforms from Instagram to tik tok to Instagram. And so these are super important because doing stuff on trend is essentially like how your stuff has the potential to become viral. If you’re doing old stuff and doing old techniques everyone wants to go viral, but you basically have to be on trend to make that even like remote possibility. So, so starting with Sam share with us, each of you a cool trend that you saw recently? I don’t know if it’s recently,

But it’s been going on for awhile. I’m on Snapchat a lot, and I think, I just think that whole ad kind of promotion that they do with this, with the swipe up, I just think that’s so unique. It’s just, it’s so cool. Like a lot of the times I’ll I’ll be watching an ad and it’s a very brief story of something. Whatever it is, like, maybe it’s like about a cat, you know, getting caught in, you know a pipe or something and they’re trying to get it out and, but they don’t usually tell the whole story. You have to actually swipe up to see that. So I think it’s kind of a cool, unique way to advertise.

Just swipe back. Okay. Right. Well, it gets people to interact post, gives you a full hook. Yeah. Yeah.

And even like the people that do it, they’re like swipe up like kind of like just getting involved with it. So it’s a cool idea. Yeah. I like it.

For tik tok’s more specifically, like they’ve made it so easy to do crazy transitions and that’s something that has photographers that took a long time to get really good at doing those. But now take talks, teaching everybody how to do that within a few seconds. And so I think that’s pretty cool. It’s seeing those transitions and seeing how creative people and getting with you know, just playing the video for two, three seconds max, and then switching to a different position. But once you play everything back and it just looks so seamless and like just very visually appealing, you know, so you’re captivated for a second, but when people would do that and then they end it with the product and, you know, you’re just like, ah, I’m not mad at that. Like, you know, totally.

Do they have a trend right now where it’s called the

The “vouge” trend where you take like super snazzy pictures or take like super stupid pictures and make fun of it? Like,

Like show like you’re on Vogue or something like that. Some of those look so good, like you really could be Vogue. It makes, it makes me curious if Vogue likes that or not. You know, there’s all of a sudden a million people that are putting a lot of their magazines to shame and then there’s other people that definitely aren’t. But at the same time, like it’s a lot of publicity too. Yeah.

Yeah. That’s cool. And I think that’s cool way too, because, and we’ll get into it in another podcast, but like with tik tok you can’t just like do a slide show of like good work, because like that’s not really why people are on there. So when you have an opportunity like that, especially as a photographer you know, we’ve used that really, I guess that’s what we did with the headshot thing we did and to be able to like have some fun stuff and then a little bit of serious stuff in there too, to be able to kind of like slip in what we do, which I think was kind of fun. So the one I liked was on Instagram. So they obviously have like the slideshows that you can like post multiple pictures. And so instead of each picture being an individual picture, the first picture was like a whole picture plus like half of a second picture.

And then, so you would end up swiping over to see the rest of the first pic or rest of the second picture and then swiping again to see the end of that second picture and maybe a third picture on the end. So you have three pictures. So one on each end and one in the center that takes up three different slides, which was really interesting because as an advertiser, obviously like your relevance and your interaction with your potential audience is going to be much, much higher. Cause people like literally have to interact with it. Cause like curiosity is going to drive you to like sweep over. And then just as like organic reach in and organic ranking you’ll be able to also have that as well because people are actually interacting with your posts, which is something that Instagram has to know that people want to interact to know whether or not you need to be like in their list, on their grid.

And it’s a coveted spot and to be able to have something like that, I thought it was super clever. Cause it just capitalizes on like a human’s natural curiosity. Which I thought, which is really like what the like swipe up thing is where it’s like you’re as a person, like you, you know, if there’s a part too, it’s like you have to wash it. And if you can’t, which happens a lot on tic talk actually where people will do like, Oh part two and then it’s not there. And it’s like super aggravating and you have to actually go to the profile and say, Oh,

It’s funny. Cause like we have such a short time span of interest, you know, we’ve got those 10 seconds. We’ll scroll through, look for the second way. If we don’t see it. We there’s two options either. It’s either he just posted the first one. So you’re like, all right, he’s got, he’s got till tomorrow, you know, but it does force you to follow them, which is, and then the other time is when they don’t post it. And then you’re like almost losing trust. I’m just like, I’m in, I’m in denial. And so I’m just like, right, no follow like, even by the next day, I forget like it even existed and then I’m following them and I don’t even know that I’m following them, but then they’ll pop back up and you’re like, Oh yeah, I liked that project. Like there’s a guy I’m watching turn like a little toy tug boat into a real tug boat. And it’s been, it’s been taken weeks, you know, but every time he posted a video, I’m like, wow, that boat’s really come together. You go guys like,

Absolutely. And I think as long as it’s entertaining, like it’s totally like, it’s just how you entertain changes. So that’s, that’s pretty cool. So yeah, so those are just a couple of trends that we see. And certainly like protect doc. Those trends will last like five seconds. They’ll, they’ll be partially dated by the time you even see this video. Other trends are going to last a little bit longer and certainly are worth checking out and pursuing and, and just I just think it’s just a good idea to be like a student observing what you’re seeing a lot of and then just trying it out. So yeah, hopefully that helps you as a, a business owner who is trying to market your business online. If you liked this video, swipe up. Boom. swipe…swipe..