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It was wild being on vacation while the Covid-19 shutdown began. Starting out it was life as normal and by the end of vacation we were eating out of to-go boxes everywhere we went!

As a content marketer and videographer I’m always thinking about things to shoot. This vacation I shot a couple of time lapse videos but that’s all. I wanted to live in the moment.

As far as the rest of it it was fantastic to do a fun photoshoot to get the creative juices flowing and just do something fun so that every time I have the camera in my hands it’s not for work.


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Transcription for your reading pleasure….

Today, we decided that we would go shoot pictures of ourselves. We stopped by the super rad abandoned place cause we got some really cool pictures which we will throw in here, Zoom across the screen right now. And then now we’re like, Hey, there’s the Arizona scene center and it’s cool minimalist, a lot less grungy. We’re going to go check it out.

Well hello everybody. I got my working from home hair on and looking a little casual today, but I just wanted to come and talk to you guys a little bit about, uh, a post that I just put on Instagram. I called it, let nothing stop you. And so basically this whole thing has been really a huge awakening as far as how unprepared most of our businesses and our personal lives are when tragedy strikes. When literally anything changes. You can’t walk through a grocery store without saying shelves completely empty of canned vegetables, no eggs. The thing I realized is there’s going to be a lot of things in life and in business that come up, things that test your resolve. Test your grit and will you let it stop you? Will you allow it to stop you pursuing your dreams?

Or will you use it as leverage to go the next level? Now, for some of you, the next level might be just getting a job again. And that sucks. And for other people it might be, what did we do when we reopen? Can we reopen? How do we hire back employees that we had to fire? The reality is, is you got to do something. People that want it bad enough, find a way to rebuild and they find a way to keep their heart positive, keep their mind positive, and know that, um, it’s all gonna work out and it just may take a lot of work to get there. And so I just want to encourage you guys today, don’t let anything stop you. Don’t let this stop you. Don’t let the unknown stop you from building your business. Don’t let two weeks of uncertainty ruin the dreams that you’ve worked so hard to create.