I’m sure you have what most people will call an off day We just not “in the groove” and you’re not getting done with you want to get done.

It can be very frustrating especially for achievers when you have those slumps.

I’m literally in the middle of one of those right now as we speak. Yesterday and today has been a less than stellar feeling day and for no particular reason.

As I explore what it means to be self-employed and driving the ship on my own rather than having external sources holding me accountable I realize that but more challenging than I anticipated and I know I don’t stand alone in that feeling. It can be challenging as a business owner to continue rolling the ball forward especially as a solopreneur.

I think hidden in these times is a valuable lesson which is your lack of motivation causes you to pick only the necessary tasks. When I have lots of energy there’s lots of rabbit trails, chores, and useless things I can feel my time with because I have the energy to do those plus all the things that I really should be doing first. When you run out of that drive but refuse to allow it to destroy your productivity you end up only doing the things that matter the most.

Take some time when you’re feeling like you’re in a slump to write down the things that you end up doing assuming they’re productive and add those to your list of priorities. You now know what you value the most even when things are tough.

Today I’m not going to have a huge list of accomplishments of which to feel proud of. But I will have sent out invoices so I get paid, I’ve edited my blog to continue to promote my personality in my business, and Ive written a blog that you’re literally reading right now that’ll continue to drive traffic to my website and be helpful for those who follow me. Those are all crucial parts of my business that I didn’t allow my mood to destroy while working through this lapse in drive.

Maybe your pride is not so dependent upon a list of accomplishments like mine is, and that’s something I’m working through, but I do hope that encourages you to look at what you do and use it as a launch pad to understand yourself and understand the priorities of your time so that when you have the energy return you can use it to its max potential.