I was inspired recently on a trip to Biltmore Fashion Square here in Phoenix, Arizona. I walked past the Ralph Lauren store and was struck by the masterful and thoughtful job they had done presenting their products. This struck me with two thoughts.

  1. There is a big difference between a storefront display and a display that catches your attention.

  2. The storefront display is a an expensive way of getting attention that business owners still see the value of spending money on.

So for point 1.

Getting Attention

me looking at display.jpg

Many small business owners do what’s good enough to make it through the day, week, or year. After all they are being pulled in many different directions.

Advertising is just a small portion of the small business owners attention despite sales being one of the biggest concerns.

Because of the lack of quality time or experience being directed towards advertising often the quality of what is made is not on par nor the quantity. As a result few business owners are getting the results that they are wanting. Maybe you are one of those people! I know I have certainly been guilty of underestimating the time something would need to be done well.

The reality is that we live in a noisy, content-filled world, and while it may be easy to POST on social media, most find it very difficult to succeed. After all, if it was easy everyone would be wildly successful making millions and spending most of their time laughing all the way to their yacht. (PS. I want to own a yacht someday!)

I’m sure you have your own business dreams and goals and I want you to succeed so bad! But you have to be honest with yourself as to whether you have the skill and the time to make content that will grab people’s attention. Without attention there is no income.

Advertising Value

display suit.jpg

I’ll be honest, either due to ignorance or lack of experience I have no clue how a business defines the metrics of a storefront display. Yet they spend good money on bringing in designers, contractors, and put products on display that certainly lower in value as they get cooked in the sun.

I think small business’s despite not having the budget of a Ralph Lauren can invest in even more effective and metric validating advertising by using social media. Most people get caught up in social media being a stream of income, and to some it may be. In reality names far more credible than my own use social media as a TRAFFIC DRIVER to convert to sales funnels or email list building.

Getting it twisted can lead to a lot of unneeded disappointment. Social media is not a destination it is a conduit. Thankfully for businesses that need to see a dollar for dollar ROI, social media can be evaluated in minute detail. Reach, conversion, engagement, impressions, all these are ways you can evaluate with CERTAINTY the effectiveness of what you do. I think much more certain than hoping a customer tells you that they came in because of a display.