Hello small business owners and marketing managers! Today were going to cover how camera angles are incredibly important when creating content. I want to start by articulating something very important when it comes to understanding content marketing. What you are delivering are not just picture and videos it’s emotions and dreams. For example, when I flip through a Code Nast Traveler Magazine (which happens to be in my opinion one of the most well done travel magazines available) I’m not looking to use the information to plan specifics about a journey but rather be inspired to journey to some far away place. I see images of the Arctic and it’s not just a picture of a polar bear, it stirs up a sense of adventure and a longing to venture to somewhere few have dared travel.

When you are crafting content for your brand it’s important to understand how the visuals communicate to the heart and emotions of your client. As a content creator I’m always conscious of every part of what I’m doing and what it’s communicating. Camera angles is one of those creative elements that are a part of the storytelling.

Camera Angles Post-4.jpg

This camera angle give us a more “observer” view of the subject due to the downward angle.


Camera Angles Post-5.jpg

This is a very similar shot both in distance to the subject and the fact that the subject is looking away from us. However because of the angle being at eye level we feel more connected and less “observational” with the subject.


When we combine something like camera angles with camera DIRECTION we are able to shape impressions even more. Take for example these next two images.

Camera Angles Post-6.jpg

For this image the subject is both below eye level and as to the side. This view is incredible “observational” and though the subject looks serious, if not mad, it’s not directed at us which I believe gives the image an aggressive but not intimidating vibe.


Camera Angles Post-7.jpg

By altering our angle and direction we have created a much more intimidating image that communicates the determination and power that a fitness brand, street-wear apparel brand, or some version of a “hustle” mentality brand would desire.

I hope this visual helps you understand and get a handle on how camera angles can shape your visuals and change the emotions your potential clients can experience when seeing your brand.