One of my biggest challenges when it comes to marketing strategies is, admittedly, being 100% unemotional about my decisions about what platforms I put my efforts. This can be especially difficult when you have plenty of marketing dollars to spend. You can quickly spend a great deal of time and money on something that was never going to work before seeing the inevitable metrics that reveal the romantic but misplaced optimism you had.

In defense of all those, including myself, who has made this blunder we can easily see that over the years (starting back at xanga for me) there has been platform after platform that has made a remarkable rise and similarly swift fall that can lead to disappointment for those who went “all in”. Justifiably, especially for those with jobs to defend, you can feel like pushing your company to spend on a new platform can be a huge risk. Strangely we don’t consider it just as risky to spend time and money on a platform that people feel more “comfortable” with though the difficulty of breaking through the noise is so higher due to market saturation.

If we desire to succeed long term we have to be nimble. We have to be ready to pivot our ad spend, effort, team, focus, content, to succeed WHERE THE ATTENTION IS.

Wheres the attention_  What's the risk_.png